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Independent Living Partnership Ltd (ILP) is committed to improving the lives of people by helping them to help themselves. This is achieved by providing an excellent environment with qualified Occupational Therapists, Moving and Handling Advisors and Trusted Assessors.


 ILP Services

What does ILP do?

ILP will consult with people who are interested in or require assistive Technology. Our customers can enjoy the privacy of experiencing a wide range of equipment solutions in our demonstration "house", they have the opportunity to choose from the free range (eligibility withstanding), or from a much wider range of "alternative" options. The choice is theirs. In some cases ILP can organise a Direct Payment for Equipment, to help reduce the expense to our customers.

ILP will provide home visits for those people who require moving and handling advice, information, equipment solutions or bespoke training to carers. Our RoSPA trained advisors / Trainers can expedite hospital discharges and help reduce hospital admissions, by reducing risk to both the handler and the person being moved.

ILP is a learning centre registered with the Open College Network (OCN) and offer a wide range of Accredited and non accredited courses.

ILP can provide sales support to those who prefer to buy products to meet their needs, but do not know where to start looking or what to look for. This service is extended to a Try Before You Buy opportunity, where a product is arranged to be at the centre for a trial period. Reducing the impact of miss selling and buying the wrong product.

We hope we can help you and look forward to seeing you soon.
ILP ISO9001 2012-2022 ILP Rospa Membership

"An Observation

In these difficult economic times, surely it is wise to reduce any waste of time, labour or £ and any unnecessary duplication of services.

Potential users of disability equipment would find it advantageous to try out available equipment displayed at The Lantern Independent Living Centre, and receive instructions at the same time re their proper use and maintenance.

This system is straight forward, cutting out any ill0informed suggestions from other departments when the real expertise is here at the lantern.

Centre User. "

"ILP Trusted Assessor Training.

I needed my staff team to undertake trusted assessor training to equip them to be confident in their assessments. I wanted them to also gain accreditation.

I researched various courses and I liked the look of the Trusted Assessor training package provided by Independent Living Partnership. The description of the course was easy to read and understand and it appeared to meet the requirements I was looking for, for my staff team.

The course was set at the right pace for my staff team; the trainer was friendly, approachable and very Knowledgeable. The on going support has been brilliant whilst my team complete their assignments. They all feel valued and very much supported. They can ring or email to seek clarification and always receive a prompt and courteous response.

This course is good value, provides the right level of training and support I would not hesitate to recommend this course to other agencies wishing to increase the knowledge of their staff to an Accredited standard.

Michelle Walton"

"Just by way of an update the trusted assessor role is having a beneficial effect in Calderdale and has certainly been a worthwhile investment for the authority.

Hugh Boyden - Calderdale council."

"The one day Training event - we sent all of our Small Repair Technicians (Handypersons) and our case workers.

Well structured and delivered at the right pace which satisfied the needs of the differing role profiles involved. It left our employees refreshed in their previous knowledge and gave them a great deal more confidence in being able to fulfil their duties around grab rails etc.
The TA Assessor Accredited Course - we sent our Senior Caseworker and most prominent SRT.
The delivery is varied to suit each participant way of learning, ensuring each individual understands exactly what is
expected of them and every opportunity is given for debate, thought processes to be explored and time given for personal time with the Tutor if required. Throughout
the process of module completion the tutor makes themselves readily available providing a really good and effective support mechanism.
The delivery is of such high standard that you come away feeling confident and challenged to succeed."
John Simcox - Branch Manager, Mears Shropshire Handyperson Service.

If you would like to order from ILP simply contact us via;
Phone: 01743 250 820

Or if you have a catalogue and would prefer to send an order form, you can download our order form to send us your order via the post
Sales Order Form

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: can I drop in or do I need to make an appointment to see you?
A: Due to staff shortages we do not have the capacity to see visitors who arrive on spec. To avoid disappointment please telephone us on 01743 250 820

Q: Do you deal with Blue Badges (disabled parking badge)?
A: No we do not. Please ring Blue Badges customer service on 0345 678 9014

Q: Do I have to pay for an assessment with ILP?
A: No the consultation is free, unless you choose to have a private OT assessment at your own home.

Q:Do you do home visits?
A: Yes for Moving and Handling assessments. No for Occupational Therapy assessments but we can do them privately if you wish to pay for one. Nail Care can be done at home for an extra charge for mileage, but only in the Shrewsbury and Oswestry area.

Q: What if I am not eligible for aids?
A: ILP Sales Support will help you by finding the best price for the identified aid for you and let you know where you can purchase it from.

Latest News

Design Thinking

Interesting video from Elsie Roy regarding design of new technology that benefits us all.



Councils completing ILP Trusted Assessor Courses

The following councils have completed a number of Trusted Assessor (TA) Courses with ILP:

  • East Lindsey ...