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Moving and Handling of People

Who is the course for

A one-day comprehensive and practical course designed for carers who are required to manually assist/position those in their care, led by qualified and experienced trainers.


What will the course include

Learners are given the opportunity to problem solve, practice basic methods of assistive handling, and become familiarised with and use a range of handling equipment.

Course content;
  • Adopting a person-centred approach, considering the psycho-social impacts of handling
  • Types and consequences of injury
  • Spinal awareness and the Principles of Effective Movement
  • Legal responsibilities and duties
  • Risk assessment.
  • Range of practical activities using minimally assistive handling methods, aids and equipment.


Upon completion of the course learners will receive a certificate of attendance


How will this course benefit me or my employees

In addition to legal and financial reasons for management of handling risks in the workplace there is also a moral duty to provide a safe workplace, where workers are protected and valued.

Where a safe workplace is provided workers are more likely to be happy in their work, which will lead to a return for their employers with better productivity and a reduction in staff turnover.

Where handling risks are well managed, workers are less likely to be absent as a result of musculo-skeletal injury.


Learner Outcomes;

  • Understanding of principles of effective movement
  • Understanding of employees responsibilities (legal)
  • Current practice
  • Update on equipment equipment
  • reinforce risk assessment
  • reflect and evaluate on course learning

Moving & Handling of People

£650.00 per person + VAT

Recommended Refresher date 2 years

Course Code MH10


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