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Research into the use of hoisting equipment by care workers

This research was undertaken in response to numerous requests from service purchasers, providers and users on the subject of whether one or two carers should be present for hoisting transfers.

Care providers, hoist manufacturers and insurance companies were canvassed for their views on relevant areas including their policies on the use of hoisting equipment, training of hoist operators and risk assessment, and the results of these enquiries are included in the paper.

Legislation is explored to identify what, if anything, is prescribed and what is advisory and relevant sections are included for quick reference.

The paper contains a number of case studies of hoisting accidents and incidents which illustrate the need for improved training and risk assessment.

It should also be noted that the current transformation of social care programme - which enables people to have more choice and control in the type and level of service they wish to receive - may now have a significant effect in individual situations.

The Researcher is a qualified Moving and Handling Trainer, Advisor and Risk Assessor, with a background in residential and community care work with a range of service user groups.

Research Report

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