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Summary of other Services.

DDA Walk Through:
This service is designed to help businesses meet legal requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act (1995). The walk through reports on access of buildings, from physical access to potential internal barriers. This service is vital to any business and could prevent possible litigation in the future. A report is provided following the walk through, which will identify where reasonable adjustments may be required. This is not however, a full access audit and should be treated as a helpful guide only. While appropriate adjustments will be suggested, ILP will not follow up to ensure they have been implemented. It will be up to your business to act upon the guidance report.

Talks & Demonstrations:
ILC staff can offer talks and demonstrations of equipment to anyone who is interested. ILC Information Officer promotes the awareness of our services to schools, residential homes, self help groups and library services.

The exhibitions are free to the general public and health professionals. Visit our website again to ensure you don’t miss the next event.