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Hire Equipment

ILP have been hiring out high back chairs and lightweight wheelchairs for the past five years. We began hiring these particular items simply because there was a demand for them.

We found that people who were recovering from operations were told by health professionals that they really should have a high back chair to reduce stress on joints while sitting and to avoid possible damage to affected area whilst getting in and out of low armchairs or sofas. Often the need for a high back chair is between 6 to 8 weeks, so understandably, people were not prepared to buy one.

Wheelchairs were also in demand, many from people who had recently been discharged from hospital, but quite a large number of people needed one for visiting relatives.

To keep stock relatively new, the products are sold on at second hand prices to interested parties, so in the event of hiring, one can expect good quality items in good working order.

To find out more about hire opportunities, or to book a lightweight wheelchair or high back chair, contact 01743 210 820

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