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ILP New Services

ILP are now offering two new services

  1. Moving / Adapting houses
  2. Return to work assessment / Training package

Moving / Adapting houses
If you are thinking or are in the process of buying a new home for any of the following reasons - Independent Living Partnership Ltd (ILP) can help you;

  • Finding your current home too much for you
  • Not able to manage the stairs, so prefer a bungalow
  • Looking for something that will make your life easier
  • Want to be more independent in your own home

ILP can help you when looking at properties or guide you in what to look for in your next property by providing you with the following;

  • Occupational Therapy consultation to identify needs and aspirations
  • Review chosen property as to whether it meets identified needs and how it may need to be adapted
  • Advise on appropriate equipment to facilitate independence in new home

If you wish to stay in your home, but feel it requires adapting to meet your requirements, ILP can offer the following;

  • Occupational Therapy home visit
  • Agree needs and solutions
  • Advise on how to go about adapting your home
  • Liaise with builders / plumbers etc.

For more information on how ILP can help you achieve your goals, contact ILP on 01743 210 820 to arrange an appointment.

Return to work assessment / Training package
As a considerate company who values and invests in new and existing employees, you will be looking to keep on people who have returned to work after a long illness.

ILP can offer you a package which will ensure you meet the need of your employee and maintain valuable expertise and knowledge.

The package consists of the following;

  • Occupational therapy assessment / goal setting and training programme, for individual employee, colleagues and management.
  • Equipment assessment and provision where required.
  • Coaching / mentoring support

ILP will visit your company and the employee in their place of work, discuss aims for the company and individual. A plan will be provided which everyone agrees to, with actions required to meet all the aims.

Where particular equipment is required i.e Computer programmes, seating, visual aids - ILP can identify and locate these items for you, provide quotes and arrange delivery. Training in use of such equipment can take place in the workplace for all who require an understanding of them.


You as a company will maintain existing expertise and knowledge, or acquire the right skills, expertise and knowledge, whilst providing an appropriate working environment.

You will reduce lost time and help your employees participate to the best of their ability and therefore relieve pressure on other members of staff.

For more information about how ILP can help you maintain your staff and costs of assessment, contact ILP on 01743 210 820

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