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Effects of Bedroom Tax

Joseph Rowntree Foundation  

The bedroom tax ignores the link between home and health

The emotional costs of ‘bedroom tax’ could far exceed savings in housing benefits, says Karen Wilson.

Blog by Karen Wilson


How to put poverty reduction at the heart of social housing

What should be the single biggest priority for social housing providers in 2013? New homes for new residents? Better homes for existing residents? Improved non-housing services that help shape communities and improve the quality of life of all residents?

Blog by Josh Stott


We ignore the reality of housing costs at our peril

The links between housing and poverty have been ignored for too long, Kathleen Kelly argues. Continuing to do this could have dangerous consequences.

Blog post by Kathleen Kelly


The links between housing and poverty

How housing can mitigate or exacerbate the impact of poverty on people's lives.

Research by Rebecca Tunstall et al.

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