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There are three types of scooters

Class 2

These can be driven on pavements and in shopping areas. They should be driven no faster than 4mph.


Top Tip

Most models will travel at least 5 miles between recharging but others may travel 25 miles or more.

Boot or Travel

These are class 2 Scooters. You can pack them into a car boot be folding them down or dismantling them.

Class 3

These can be driven on roads as well as pavements. They are larger than class 2 scooters and can be driven up to 8mph. They also have mirrors and lights.

Before you by a scooter consider the following points;

Top Tip

Remember pedestrians have right of way.

You need to get a model that is suitable for your shape and size, as well as selecting a model that will provide you with the speed and range of travel that you are likely to need.

Scooters are available in 3 or 4 wheel models. 3 wheels are often lighter and more manoeuvrable, but they are likely to be less stable than 4 wheel models.

Top Tip

Check supplier is BHTA registered.

If it dismantles make sure you try taking it apart, lift the component parts and put them together again. It is good to experiment with how you will get it into the car. 

Top Tip

Check whether your household insurance covers storage & parking at home.

It's difficult to know whether a mobility scooter is suitable for you until you actually sit on it and drive it, so try out different models. Shopmobility service is available in most towns, some also offer hire for a week end for a reasonable charge.

Think about the types of terrain you plan to travel.

Make sure you have a suitable place to store and charge your scooter - will you require ramps to negotiate a step? Think about your home environment.

Top Tip

If you are above the weight limit of your scooter, the warranty may be affected.

Get more than one quote for the scooter you like.

Check price and availability of replacement batteries with your supplier.

Make sure you charge your battery regularly to preserve its life.

It is advisable to take out insurance to cover you if you are involved in an accident. If you plan to travel long distances, it may be advisable to join a breakdown service.


General Support Information

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Shopmobility Shrewsbury: 01743 236900 /


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