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Before you buy a shower

Have you considered other options as they may be easier, cheaper, and more satisfactory? There is a lot of equipment available that may help you to use your bath independently and safely. You can see/try/discuss equipment that may suit you at your local Independent Living Centre contact 01743 250 820 you may be eligible for financial help with solutions.

You may be eligible for a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) to help with the cost of installing a shower. This means tested grant must be applied for before any work is ordered or recommended by a Shropshire Council Occupational Therapist in order to access a DFG.

Top Tip

Take time to consider all options and seek the advice you need to make your decision.

Before applying for a DFG, you may contact Shropshire's Private Sector Housing support team on 01743 251 810 to ask for a financial assessment to see if you would be eligible for grant assistance. 

Consider the following points:

Top Tip

Avoid a high step into the shower.

Make the shower area as big as possible to ensure space for a secure stool or chair. 

Make sure the doors are easy to open with plenty of access room.

Low shower steps (about 2") are easier to manage.

Can you site suitable grab rails that would offer valuable support.

If there is little space, then consider taking out the bath and replacing it with a similar size shower tray.

Consider having completely level access if possible; trays can be laid level with the floor and water can be pumped away if necessary for drainage.

It is safer and easier to have your shower controls mounted at a height that you can reach when seated.

Top Tip

It is safer and easier to have your shower controls mounted at a height that you can reach when seated.

If assistance may be required to wash (now or in the future), consider installing half-height screens. These allow a carer to assist the person in the shower without getting themselves or the bathroom floor drenched. Trays are available with screens attached, freestanding or wall mounted screens can be fitted in a wet-floor shower.

Is water pressure likely to be a problem for the shower type?

If you need to fit a shower in an area other than the bathroom, consider a specialist shower cubicle unit that incorporates carer screens etc., and can be installed in any room. You can even get shower cubicles designed to fit in a small toilet area if space is very limited. Remember, however, that installation and plumbing costs may be quite costly if you install a shower a long way from existing water pipes.

Get several price quotations. Try and find a builder/plumber who has experience in installing showers for people with disabilities as they are more likely to be aware of your needs and know what options are available to help you.


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