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Train the Training - Moving & Handling of People

What does the course include

Day 1

Training the trainers. Level 3 - Credit value: 2

Learners will develop the basic skills required to train, exploring different learning styles, preparing and delivering a moving and handling training session, and evaluating and reflecting upon their own learning.

Assessment activity; Deliver a micro training session.

Days 2 and 3

Understanding and enabling assisting and moving individuals. Level 2 - Credit Level 4

Learners will demonstrate their handling skills and knowledge, adopting a person centred approach which takes into consideration key concepts of handling and the impacts upon the person being assisted or moved. These will include relevant legislation, risk assessment, basic anatomy of the spine, principles of effective movement and ranges of equipment.

Assessment activity; Deliver a five minute demonstration of a piece of equipment.

Day 4

Learners will prepare and deliver a practical demonstration following which they will reflect and evaluate their own learning.

Learners should expect some homework exercises in order to prepare presentations.

Assessment activity; Deliver a relevant practical demonstration of an area of their choice.

The course also gives learners opportunities to provide evidence of key skills in communication, and wider skills in working with others and improving their own learning and performance.


Learning Outcomes

  • Understand differing learning styles, be able to prepare deliver and evaluate a training event and reflect upon their own learning.
  • Understand key concepts and impacts of manual handling in relation to assisting and moving a person.
  • Understand the role of workers and others in relation to assisting and moving a person
  • Demonstrate Understanding and use of a manual handling risk assessment and care plans in line with assisting or moving a person.
  • Demonstrate how to assist or move a person in line with their care plan and manual handling risk assessment.



  • Learners should have a proactive attitude, and willingness to supporting others through training and development within their organisation.
  • Learners should have at least six months working experience in assisting and moving of a person.
  • Learners should hold a current, valid moving and handling certificate.

Train the Trainer - Moving and Handling of People

£800.00 per person + VAT

Course Code TTMH10


01743 250 820

01743 250 826



The course can be delivered at an appropriate venue of your choice (facilitator travel and accommodation expenses may apply), or at ILP's Training Suite in Shrewsbury which has onsite parking and cafe facilities at a date to suite you.

Where 30 or more course places are booked, ILP may negotiate a discount to facilitate travel and accommodation expenses (where applicable).