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Foot Health Clinic at ILP

Foot Health Practitioner's role & qualifications

Provider of private routine foot health care that includes assessing the condition of your feet, appropriate treatment, refer if necessary

Diploma in Foot Health from SMAE Institute and continue to maintain and develop knowledge and skills. 

All practitioners are Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) checked


Our Practitioner

Barbara Newson started as a Nail Care, delivering basic nail care. In May 2017 however, Barbara completed a one-year course and qualified as a Foot Healthcare Practitioner (FHP).


Why use our service?

There are of course many reasons for keeping your feet healthy, but for most of our customers, it enables them to continue moving safely and free from pain and discomfort. The Clinic has been updated to provide a more relaxed experience and we will soon be providing a range of foot health products that can be purchased directly from ILP.

Other Products to help our customers gain access to their feet safely, such as long handled shoe horns, sponges and sock aids are also available to those who need them.

The range of services available are;

Athletes foot
Treatment with advice on prevention

Remove with advice on prevention

Diabetic foot care
Advice and care

Fungal Nails
Treatment if appropriate with advice on prevention

Hard dry skin
Removal and moisturise the skin

Ingrown nails
Appropriate treatment, advice and/or referral

Nail Cutting
Cutting of fingernails and toenails including for those with medical conditions such as diabetes

Thickened Nails

Ask for details



Prices include up to one-hour session with Foot Health Practitioner to include any of the above treatments. Initial visits will include a full assessment and planed course of follow up treatment along with nail clippers and foot files that you will keep with you for further treatments.

The Lantern

Initial visit: £35

Further visits: £20


(Church Stretton)

Initial visit: £40

Further visits: £25

Mayfair MAP

Home Visits
(Shrewsbury and Oswestry)

Initial visit: £45

Further visits: £30

To arrange an appointment


01743 250 820

01743 250 826


We offer appointments at our main centre The Lantern, Meadow Farm Drive, Shrewsbury, SY1 4NG as well as home visits in the Oswestry and Shrewsbury Areas. We also attend a clinic 6 weekly at The Mayfair Centre in Church Stretton. 

For an appointment with any of the above clinics get in contact with our duty officer.


Download or request a leaflet

You may contact the centre to request some leaflets to be sent out or alternatively, find our downloadable leaflets below.

The Lantern Foot Clinic Mayfair Foot Clinic