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Riser recliner chairs

Before buying a riser recliner chair, consider the following

A powered riser recliner chair will rise to assist you when you stand up and recline to allow you to lean abck with your feet up. You may be able to get an alternative chair that will either rise or reline if you want one feature. 

Top Tip

A powered chair will need to be positioned close to a power socket.

Riser recliner chairs can be supplied with one or two motors (occasionally more than two motors in very specialist chairs). A single motor chair raises the leg rest and reclines the chair, and vice versa, in one action; a dual motor chair allows the user to raise and lower the legrest and backrest independently of each other. Chairs with one motor are usually cheaper than models with two motors and for most people one motor is usually sufficent. Remember that a dual motor chair has twice as many control buttons so will be more complicated to operate.

Top Tip

The leg rest should support your leg right down to your ankle.

Some chairs have additional features such as heat pads or massage mechanisms. These features will increase the cost of the chair and will only be worth while if you actually want them.

A powered chair will need to be positioned close to a power socket to avoid trailing wires. Also the chair will need to be placed some distance from the wall to prevent the backrest hititng the wall when the chair is reclined. Usually about 18 inches is sufficient space, but will depend on how far back the chair reclines. Some chairs are available as 'wall huggers' to avoid this problem.

Some chairs recline much further back than other models. It is worth trying chairs that tilt-in-space as well.

Make sure that the legrest supports your leg comfortably right down to your ankle (your heel should not be on the legrest itself). 

Ordinary riser recliner chairs are not recommended as an alternative to a bed for night-time sleeping - they do not provide a good sleeping position and are not designed for this use. It is possible to get a riser recliner chair that is designed to double as a bed but they are more expensive. Remember that chairs used by day and night will wear out quicker and the padding does not have a chance to breath overnight.

Most riser recliner chairs tilt upwards and forwards to assist with standing up, but some models raise the seat height substantially before tilting forwards - these models are often more suitable if the user is needing to transfer from a wheelchair as the two chair heights can sometimes be aligned in this way. 

Top Tip

Check underneath the chair before lowering it.

Make sure that when the chair is in the neutral position you can sit in it comfortably with your back fully supported, you knees at a right angle, and your feet flat on the floor. 

If the chair has been left in the raised position, and you have pets or small children, you will need to check underneath before lowering the chair to avoid the possibility of trapping them.


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